When I was a child my family lived in Kalk Bay until I was five years old. When I was about two the older boys where playing marbles and as fate would have it I ended up picking a marble out of the mud and said, Foo Foo Marble – this nickname has stuck with me for fifty years now, we left Kalk Bay and on returning at the age of eighteen I heard “Foo Foo Marble” being called out as I walked down the street.

The bulk of my adult life I have lived in Kalk Bay, at the age of twenty-three after I finished my time in the Navy, I started working as a Salesman in a One Hour Photographic Lab, I later became a Manager and enjoyed the work until the Digital Age began, it was at this time that I embarked on working as a Fine Art Photographer and got into publishing postcards, gift cards, bookmarks and eventually The Lovely Kalk Bay Harbour Calendars.

Besides the thrill of shooting Giant Waves coming over the Harbour Wall, my biggest obsession has been to build a collection that does justice to the beauty of the Abstract Water Reflections within the Harbour.

I am grateful for the support I have received from the Local Kalk Bay Businesses. I have won numerous Photographic Competitions and am pleased to hear how well my Calendars have traveled.

I hope these images give you Joy!