Water Love

This journey I’ve taken to capture Water Reflection Images has had a profound impact on my understanding of how the energy we give out affects the energy around us. I believe some part of my Joy is reflected within each one of these images. I have tried my best to put together a collection that does this Body of Work justice.

The link below leads to my larger collection oF Abstract Water images which have been taken in as many varied conditions from windy to calm, low tide to high tide, all times of the day and from as many angles I could get to – my dedication has stemmed from an overwhelming desire to represent the flow and beauty of these wonderful split second occurrences.

May they give you Joy!


Minstrel Magic

The link below leads to a collection of Artistically edited images that have been taken of the Cape Town Minstrel by Andrew Hewett over many years. The technique is time consuming as although beautiful, it is only effective on certain images, thus it has been applied to thousands of images accumulated over many years and then whittled away to a selection of the best ones.

May they give you Joy


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